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Episode 21

Today we sample four beers from Pelican Pub and Brewery from the Oregon Coast. In our strange brew segment, we try Emperor Norton from Almanac Beer Co. in San Francisco. We also take a look at 17 breweries you should visit in your lifetime.

Episode Date:

October 27th, 2015

Episode Length:

1h 6m
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kentksmn's Photo
kentksmn Nov 3, 2015 at 1:27PM
I liked this episode focused on a single brewpub. Though it probably is not one I will get to, I agree with when I have been to other brewpubs, many of the beers they make have a middle of the road flavor like the beers you drank on this episode. The brews are not mediocre, they are usually very well made, but do tend to avoid the extremes with a few notable exceptions like Karl Strauss in San Diego which makes not just good but great beer and Day Block or Town Hall in Minneapolis both of which have excellent brews -- Day Block even has a fabulous Bacon Flight to go along with the Beer Flight you order!

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